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McGee Trent LLP is a law firm which restricts its practice to representing the victims of the most serious motor vehicle accidents which occur in the province of Alberta.

With a combined 47 years of practicing law, it is the belief of both Kevin McGee and Gus Trent that the victims of fatality and catastrophic motor vehicle injury claims deserve immediate, caring and compassionate treatment and must be provided with no less than excellent service.

Access to justice is most important to McGee Trent LLP and we achieve this goal on behalf of our clients by providing them with timely, honest representation and delivering our legal services in the most professional manner possible.

Every serious motor vehicle accident gives rise to one and possibly two files being opened at our law firm. The file which is always opened is called the “no-fault file” where clients access Section B medical, disability or death benefits whether at fault for the accident or not. The second file is only opened if the client was not at fault for the accident and we have another party to sue. This is called the tort or at-fault file.

How we ensure even greater access to justice is by guaranteeing that, in all fatality and catastrophic motor vehicle injury cases, there will never be any legal fees rendered by McGee Trent LLP when assisting victims and families to obtain Alberta’s no-fault, Section B benefits.

We believe we are the only firm in Alberta to represent injury victims and families for no legal fees whatsoever in situations where the only compensation the client receives is Alberta’s Section B benefits. In essence, if a person is wholly at fault for their own motor vehicle accident and as a result either dies or is left with catastrophic injuries, we gladly agree to act in these Section B cases for no legal fees.

Where there is an identifiable at-fault party who caused the motor vehicle accident, clients can also choose if they wish to retain McGee Trent LLP to act on the second or tort file to pursue their rights to damages.

Most typically, in these at-fault, tort files, we are retained on a contingency basis. That is, McGee Trent LLP will only render legal fees on tort files as a percentage of the settlement or trial verdict amount once compensation is actually paid and received.

In some cases, even though the accident occurs in Alberta, we have found that individuals have access to an auto policy in a different province that provides better medical, disability and death benefits than those of Section B benefits. The lawyers at McGee Trent LLP have acted on numerous cross-border cases in other provinces where other regime’s enhanced no-fault benefits have been obtained. There are strict time requirements that are applicable and our experience will ensure that the best option for claiming benefits is chosen and preserved.

Although we know that dealing with medical and hospital issues after a serious injury or a fatal loss can be daunting, it is important that you contact us as soon as possible so we can ensure your rights are protected.


As indicated above, if our clients only have access to Alberta’s Section B benefits, there will never be any fees levied for the work we will do to obtain those benefits.

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