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Our focus is to only represent fatality and catastrophic injury claimants arising from motor vehicle accidents. We have assembled a team of professionals with extensive knowledge in handling these serious cases.

Doctors, other lawyers, health care practitioners, past and current clients and members of the insurance industry have recommended McGee Trent LLP to their family, friends, patients and colleagues.

Kevin McGee Partner of McGee Trent LLP

Kevin received his Honours Bachelor of Arts Degree from McGill University in 1988 and before attending law school worked for McGill University and Québec’s Grand Council of the Crees (EI) conducting historical and legal research. Following this he attended Osgoode Law School and graduated with a LL.B. in 1992. In law school, he continued to conduct legal research for McGill University and The Grand Council.

Kevin has been a lawyer since 1994. He started his career representing insurance companies but quickly made the shift to the other side and began representing individuals against insurers on personal injury matters, long-term disability claims and also practiced employment and labour relations law.

Since 2002 Kevin has almost exclusively restricted his practice to fatalities and catastrophic injuries arising from motor vehicle accidents. He has represented numerous families on fatal accident claims and many individuals who have sustained complete spinal cord injuries, severe brain injuries, burn victims and other unfortunate, catastrophic injury matters, all of which have seen his clients routinely spends months to years in hospitals prior to their discharges to the community or pre-accident homes.

Kevin has acted on many cross-border cases where he has advised his clients to make the correct interprovincial election concerning the accident benefit scheme which will best compensate the families of fatality cases or provide the best rehab and care to those catastrophically injured. In some cases, he has had his clients collect, at the same time, no-fault, accident benefits in two provinces.

Throughout his 26 years of practicing law, Kevin has conducted numerous trials, hearings and appeals. He is most proud of not only serving deserving victims of serious motor vehicle accidents, but that he routinely each year provides up to no less than 500 hours of pro bono legal services to deserving individuals. (1)
Gus Trent Partner of McGee Trent LLP

Gus attended York University for his undergraduate studies, but after only completing two years, he was one of select few to be granted early admission to pursue law at Osgoode Hall Law School. He graduated from law school in 1997 with an LL.B. and has been licensed to practice law since 1999.

Gus spent the earlier part of his career representing many of Canada’s largest insurers. After having conducted numerous hearings and trials defending injury actions, Gus decided to use the extensive knowledge and experience he had gained as insurance defence counsel for the benefit of those trying to recover from life-changing injuries instead.

Since making the change to solely represent accident victims as opposed to insurers, Gus has had the opportunity and privilege to assist countless individuals and families deal with the life-altering consequences of serious motor vehicle accidents. His work has helped his clients access the medical treatments which have been vital to their learning to cope with life after injury. In addition, he has assisted many surviving family members in coping with the loss of a loved one as a result of a motor vehicle accident.

As a very experienced injury lawyer with 21 years of experience, Gus is licensed to practice law in multiple provinces in Canada and that difference has allowed him to ensure that his clients choose the most favourable jurisdiction in which to claim benefits following an accident. Based on his extensive knowledge on the inner workings of an insurance company, Gus is able to help his clients successfully navigate the roadblocks they face with their insurance claims.

Gus devotes a significant amount of time each year to, and engages in, pro bono legal work not only on Section B cases but on other legal matters as well.